established in 2021​

Whats up at Video Excellence Lab?

We possibly have the most powerful tool of communication – Video, available to us in all its glory in the palm of our hands. 

Presenting to you Video Excellence Lab – A tribe or clan where you can quickly start your journey into video making.  You can  potentially evolve to becoming a master video storyteller and reach out to your potential customer with impact.  With video skills you can create tremendous value for your customers through your product or service. 

We offer simply crafted, actionable steps through our curriculums across all levels. Our goal is to empower you to become a powerful video maker and acquire effective skills to communicate better through video

Your time to shine has come and it is now ! 

Aparna Ganesh Who?

I have been lucky to have worked in many formats of video content, be it creating engaging content for Youtube or working on a feature film project by Mani Ratnam. From branded content to filming an emotional documentary with war veterans, my endeavours have been exciting.

I have had the pleasure of commanding a large crew of over a 100 members as a director and even created content as a one-person army with zero crew support.

The one thing common has been my need to liberate my ‘creative expressions’ and soar higher on the learning curve. Most times, it has been the camera which became my majestic wings and I could take flight almost instantly to create content, no matter what the challenges were.

I am glad to have acquired video creation skills and I invite you to come along and forge a partnership with me towards excellence in video making. 

My Mantra: Keep it simple, but significant.


To enable people to show case themselves worldwide


To empower people with a product, service or skill to create excellent video strategies that help them reach their potential clients quicker.


  • Belief is one’s foundation
  • Aesthetics make one unique
  • Ethics gives it wings